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Rio-Suite, real estate Agency
The company Rio Lux in the face of Sibagatullin Elvira made a huge impression in terms of professional and quality of the deal! A trusting and warm fellowship causing a positive impression is placed on a friendly footing. We are very happy and we plan to continue to collaborate when necessary and re ...

Irresponsible employees. 3 - sectional mattress for a patient waiting for more than a month. Took everything in one place, I thought to create facilities for patients after a stroke and as a result - suffering for him. Take only not here
Want to share positive emotions from cooperation with the company "Belozerskaya"! We needed to mount a Sewerage system for the cottage. To search for a contractor approached seriously and called many. It's difficult in Ufa to find professional installers, and even that the prices were reasonable. A ...

I have the equipment for welding. Since it is often operated in an aggressive environment, frequent breakage. And very convenient that this company is most parts are always in stock that I significantly make life easier.
Soft Expertra
I work for a company in 2015. Before we sent the same together, and then broke to different objects. Some people work for a long time, the rest replaced. Working conditions on the objects themselves quite satisfactory. With the leadership in a good relationship.
Rio-Suite, real estate Agency
I Express my sincere gratitude to our realtor Irina for honest, professional and result producing approach to their work. Thank you. Sincerely, Ruslan Yunusov.
This year we were faced with the question of security of our country house in SNT "sun" (D. Rakitovka) water. Choosing between well and well. Eventually settled on the well. We've been looking for a reliable performer and, as a result, has stopped the choice on "Belozerskaya". The company, as expec ...
Rio-Suite, real estate Agency
My husband and I decided to sell the land - agent Tibilov Rustam for a couple of months found us buyers, we are very pleased that so quickly. Deal with any problems was not, Rustam everything is so prepared that we had signed and left,and most importantly, without the queues.Recommend. A pleasure to ...
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The eurocable 127238, Moscow, Dmitrovskoe highway, 71/5
(499) 487-30-80
Akrostroy 127282, Moscow, St. polar, d. 35 b, p. 1
(495) 778-10-30
Klimovskii cable plant 142182, Moscow Region, Klimovsk, Suvorov str., 5A
(4967) 60-40-90
Beauty orchid Ufa Pervomayskaya street 71/1
8 927 949 9510, 8 347 295 95 10
Llc united real estate ufa Mendeleev, 149
Edelweiss - flowers delivery in ufa 450015, Ufa, street Revolutionary, 14
8 (800) 555-55-96
Expert-01 196084, St.-Petersburg, street Flower, the house 25, lit. E, DEP. 2.10
(812) 640-04-01
Project expertise ltd Ufa city, Mendeleeva St., 23, korp. 2
+7 (347) 216-41-76
Project expertise ltd Ufa city, Mendeleeva St., 23, korp. 2
+7 (347) 216-41-76
Рђр·рёрєltd Ufa, Mendeleev street 108
+7 (937) 352-08-00
Pkf nashe delo Ufa, Mendeleev str. 25, office 409
Repair-102 Ufa. Lesotehnikuma St., 26/2, of. 709
The chain of restaurants yolki-palki Ufa, Verhnetorgovaya, 1, GDK Gostiny Dvor
Sweet tooth Ufa, street Transport, 34/4, office 58
Delivery restaurant origami Ufa, street of Enthusiasts
+7 (347) 262-82-84
Best restaurants Ufa, PR-kt October, 57
Restaurant topic Ufa, street of 50 years of October, 26
8 (347) 246-45-55
Vaseline Ufa, Mashinostroiteley, 17
Pizzeria Ufa, ul Vologodskaya, 32, office 2
89174066086, 89373000984
Store drinks dispensers beer Ufa, Pervomayskaya str., 82, office 22
89638925383, 89177470066

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About the city of Ufa

Погода в Уфе В 20:00 на метеостанции было -5.6 °C, ощущается как -10 °C значительная облачность, очень высокое атмосферное давление, легкий ветер (3 м/с), дующий с юга. В Уфе сегодня в 23:00 ожидается -8°C, без осадков, слабый ветер.

Ufa is one of the largest cities of Russia. Ufa is the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Ufa is not included in the Ufa municipal district, but is its centre. Currently in Ufa is home to just over a million people, to be exact 1107431 people. In 2015, it was attended BRICS summit and the SCO (Shanghai cooperation organization). The city was preparing for such an important event - the roads were repaired, additional interchanges, main streets painted and illuminated the facades of the buildings, painted curbs.

Near the city flows the river Belaya (Agidel it is called). 100 kilometers to the East of the city lie the mountain ranges of the southern Urals. The city covers an area of about 710 square kilometers. Major cities in Russia, Ufa is the most spacious. One person has about 700 square meters of land (about 6 football fields). Geologists say that, under the city are a minimum of 19 caves. Itself has a length of about one kilometer long.

The climate is temperate in Ufa in the summer not very hot, winter is not very cold. In January the average temperature is 12 degrees, the minimum is almost -50 (recorded in 1979). Maximum zero temperature +40. Ufa "live" by the Ekaterinburg time, namely +2 hours to Moscow. When Muscovites Wake up in Ufa already hard at work.

The origin of the name of the city is not exactly known, but there are some of the most realistic options. The first is the white river was previously called Ufa, a city built on the banks of this river and called. The second one historian, referring to another historian, says Ufa is a derivative of "upe", which translated from Baltic languages meaning "river". Third - "Ufa" in Hungarian means "wooden building".

The history of Ufa is traced from the 4th century ad. Already at that time on the white river was an ancient city Pafcherti (translated as Bashkort). Historians attribute the location of this town with the modern city of Ufa. In 1557 the Bashkirs appealed to Ivan the terrible (IV) petition for the construction of the Ufa Kremlin. Explaining that the yasak (tax file) to Kazan to take far and not safe. Since 1708, the Ufa was part of Kazan province, 20 years later (1728) the town appointed center of the Ufa province. In 1796 Ufa transferred to the Orenburg province. In 1773 the Pugachev's army surrounded the devastated surrounding villages and besieged Ufa, but could not. About half a year Ufa was surrounded by. In the spring of 1774 Russian regular troops arrived and defeated the rebels. And only since 1865 Ufa is officially recognized as the capital of the province of Ufa.

14.06.1922 Ufa gubernia ceased to exist. In the place it formed the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet socialist Republic (BASSR). At that time in the composition of the Bashkir SSR included several cities and areas of modern Chelyabinsk region (for example Miass).

According to Wikipedia, despite the fact that Ufa the capital of Bashkortostan, a large part of the population are Russians (about 50%). The other half is the Tatars and Bashkirs (30 and 17%, respectively). The basis of the economy of Ufa is the petrochemical industry. In and around the city there are about 200 enterprises of various kinds. Ufa occupies the 7th place in the list of the largest industrial centers of Russia. Two main highways of the country pass through Ufa - M5 Ural and M7 Volga. In addition to the roads the city is a major railway junction. If You are a tourist or a guest of the city, in Ufa you will have nowhere to go. There are approximately 50 large monuments, more than 20 fountains, dozens of Museum and houses of culture. The city has many parks, the city is considered the "greenest" among cities-millionaires.